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All players must opt-in order to be eligible to play in the Tournament. Opt-In is done in the game.


Have you checked out this mid-week tournament results?

Thank you for your participation in the tournament which was on “TROPICOOL 2”. All prizes should now be paid out and you can look at your finishing place in the table below:



Rank Username Score Prize
1 LivelyBug4 4725 100 Free Spins
2 SplendidPoet96 4650 50 Free Spins
3 AwesomeFlame85 4500 50 Free Spins
4 RapidFlower48 4270 25 Free Spins
5 CasualDog52 4200 25 Free Spins
6 VibrantBlast78 4060 25 Free Spins
7 EpicBadger47 4040 25 Free Spins
8 SuccessfulKick6 3815 25 Free Spins
9 PositiveTiger37 3730 25 Free Spins
10 ThrivingShark82 3640 25 Free Spins
11 BelovedSky22 3640 10 Free Spins
12 FlashingRay24 3435 10 Free Spins
13 StellarHunt24 3370 10 Free Spins
14 ChampionBear75 3260 10 Free Spins
15 ScruffyShaker76 3210 10 Free Spins
16 JoyfulRoar96 3180 10 Free Spins
17 SmoothMotion38 3110 10 Free Spins
18 AmazingFlower81 3085 10 Free Spins
19 GladRaccoon82 3050 10 Free Spins
20 SmoothFluke51 3040 10 Free Spins
21 BlueOwl16 3015 10 Free Spins
22 SirSmile88 2960 10 Free Spins
23 MagicalBubble46 2945 10 Free Spins
24 EpicRocker78 2945 10 Free Spins
25 CheerfulLight67 2925 10 Free Spins
26 RapidSymbol67 2905 10 Free Spins
27 UpbeatRoar31 2900 10 Free Spins
28 LivelyBeam49 2845 10 Free Spins
29 FunChampion14 2815 10 Free Spins
30 NimbleSavage92 2810 10 Free Spins
31 FearlessSun40 2780 10 Free Spins
32 FocusedBeam63 2770 10 Free Spins
33 GoldCrack18 2750 10 Free Spins
34 BestKick20 2745 10 Free Spins
35 GreatQueen72 2740 10 Free Spins
36 GladPanda55 2735 10 Free Spins
37 HappyWish3 2645 10 Free Spins
38 RoamingSavage72 2635 10 Free Spins
39 FortunateGlory8 2575 10 Free Spins
40 GlowingBear10 2495 10 Free Spins
41 HandsomeBee27 2480 10 Free Spins
42 SmartEnigma73 2440 10 Free Spins
43 ExtremeCrash20 2320 10 Free Spins
44 DaringCactus97 2300 10 Free Spins
45 RosyHero80 2290 10 Free Spins
46 AmusedGizmo12 2255 10 Free Spins
47 WinningRacer16 2245 10 Free Spins
48 VividScatter66 2215 10 Free Spins
49 RadiantRoar47 2215 10 Free Spins
50 GrandApe41 2205 10 Free Spins
51 HappyGamer85 2200 5 Free Spins
52 VividTiger72 2190 5 Free Spins
53 TimelessShock53 2170 5 Free Spins
54 BestFreezer36 2125 5 Free Spins
55 FrostyBubble24 2100 5 Free Spins
56 EpicFire69 2075 5 Free Spins
57 UrbaneChance39 2075 5 Free Spins
58 CalmRose78 2000 5 Free Spins
59 AdamantStorm35 1990 5 Free Spins
60 StrongMonkey76 1985 5 Free Spins
61 VibrantBeam7 1980 5 Free Spins
62 FriendlyGrace15 1975 5 Free Spins
63 KindTornado30 1945 5 Free Spins
64 SmartCyclone91 1915 5 Free Spins
65 SpeedyScout63 1895 5 Free Spins
66 PremierHero20 1875 5 Free Spins
67 LovelyRocker46 1845 5 Free Spins
68 DivineBrick20 1810 5 Free Spins
69 FunnyRose45 1785 5 Free Spins
70 ElusiveJoker12 1755 5 Free Spins
71 StrongCrown91 1745 5 Free Spins
72 LavishBeast54 1705 5 Free Spins
73 BoomingTurtle59 1670 5 Free Spins
74 GoldSky61 1660 5 Free Spins
75 GlossyBug69 1635 5 Free Spins
76 MagicalSilver70 1600 5 Free Spins
77 TactialWave47 1545 5 Free Spins
78 GorgeousFlame20 1540 5 Free Spins
79 RadiantSpark42 1525 5 Free Spins
80 ShiningKick38 1510 5 Free Spins
81 ChillyBagel26 1495 5 Free Spins
82 StylishZing65 1495 5 Free Spins
83 GeniusPeanut43 1480 5 Free Spins
84 WarmRocket94 1470 5 Free Spins
85 HappySpark92 1465 5 Free Spins
86 CrazyButton76 1465 5 Free Spins
87 WildGold19 1460 5 Free Spins
88 DaringBull23 1440 5 Free Spins
89 GreatLegend96 1430 5 Free Spins
90 HandsomeBell73 1375 5 Free Spins
91 DazzlingKick39 1350 5 Free Spins
92 AdoredBlade92 1340 5 Free Spins
93 AwesomeRisk70 1330 5 Free Spins
94 ExtremeDust71 1320 5 Free Spins
95 KindSymbol21 1280 5 Free Spins
96 AdoredBeast59 1265 5 Free Spins
97 ExtremeWish62 1255 5 Free Spins
98 FancyCat24 1250 5 Free Spins
99 PeppyCrash92 1245 5 Free Spins
100 EagerBadger13 1245 5 Free Spins



18+, UK Only. Full Game Rules apply. Customers who Opt–in to Tropicool 2 will be eligible to participate in the Tournament with the chance to win Free Spins. Players who are opted in will be required to compete in the Tournament with a minimum of 25 spins at a minimum of spin value of 0.20p. 25 spins will generate score which will determine your position on the leaderboard. During the Tournament schedule there is no limit on the number of times your can have 25 spins. You are awarded points for landing symbols and features. If at the end of the Tournament you finish in a position which qualifies you for a prize, you will be awarded by 5pm the following day. If you do not opt–in you will not be eligible for qualification. This offer is only available to all customers, with the exception of customers who have been credited restricted. This promotion is valid from 00:01 15/03/2023 until 23:59 16/03/2023. Full T&Cs apply.


• Opt–In Required.

• Minimum of 25 spins required to generate a leaderboard score.

• Minimum spin value is 0.20p.

• Only real cash spins contribute towards your 25-spin qualification.

• Only game play on Tropicool 2 during the Tournament schedule will contribute towards leaderboard position.

• Increasing your staking value does not increase your points accrual per round.

• If you finish on the leaderboard in a position which qualifies for a prize you will be awarded by 5pm the following day.

• Cash prizes will be detailed in the prize board.

• Free spin prizes will be valued at 20p per spin.

• Free spins carry no wagering requirements.

• Free spins will expire 7 days after award.

• Credited restricted customers are not eligible for this promotion.

• Full T&Cs apply.


1. These terms are a binding legal agreement between you and The Football Pools Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 10573569 with its registered office at Walton House, Charnock Road, Liverpool, L67 1AA (“The Pools”, “we”, “us”, “our”)).

2. Capitalised terms have the meanings given in clause 20 below.

3. The Offer is available from 00.01 on Wednesday 15th March 2023 until 23:59 Thursday 16th March 2023. (UK time) (“Offer Period”).


4. Customers who opt-in to the Casino Tournaments will be required to complete a minimum of 25 spins to generate a score which will give them a position on the leaderboard. If an additional 25 spins are completed and the score generated is greater than the previous score this will be your new leaderboard score.

5. Players will accrue points during the 25 spins when they land nominated symbols & features on win lines. Points are not affected by wager value. Bets must be made with players own funds and winnings are treated as normal game wins.

6. The tournament will operate only during the scheduled hours of 00:01 15/03/2023 to 23:59 16/03/2023. Gameplay outside of these hours will not contribute to your leaderboard position.

7. Players who qualify for the leaderborard positions will be credited with the prize the following day by 5pm. Free spin awards will carry a 0.20p per spin value and will expire 7 days after being credited.

8. Symbol Values & Prize structure detailed in the below tables

Ranking Prize
1 100 Free Spins
2-3 50 Free Spins
4-10 25 Free Spins
11-50 10 Free Spins
51-100 5 Free Spins

Name Description Points
Collect Toucans Number of toucans collected 25
Collect Flamingos Number of flamingos collected 10
Collect Bonus Symbols Number of bonus symbols collected 50
Trigger Bonus Trigger bonus Multiply once = 2
Trigger Row Swap Trigger row swap 100


9. To opt in to this Promotion, you need to open the eligible Tournament Slot Tropicool 2 and click opt–in. Once you have successfully opted in you will be eligible for tournament rewards.


10. There are no wagering requirements for the free spins awarded from this promotion.


11. If at any time you wish to stop participating in the offer please contact our Customer Service team and they will cancel the offer.


12. Offers are made to enhance your (and your fellow customers') enjoyment of the games we provide. It follows that we expect all our customers to participate in our Offers in a spirit of fairness. To that end we list below certain types of play we consider unfair in the context of the Offer and which may at our sole discretion be treated as a breach of the Offer and these terms and conditions:

12.1. using more than one account to obtain more than the number of bonuses or free bets permitted per customer;

12.2. using more than one account per household or per IP address;

12.3. sharing promotional offers, bonus codes or bonuses received by you with others who were not the intended recipient and/or accessing promotional offers, bonus codes or bonuses received by you from others when you were not the intended recipient;

12.4. colluding with other people to take advantage of the existence of terms of promotional offers or bonuses,

12.5. using low or zero risk wagering patterns or equal betting patterns;

12.6. We are aware that some links to our Bonus Promotions may be posted on other sites or through forums or the information that the potential customer received may have been passed on to other contacts / or persons who didn't receive the selected Bonus Promotions offer from The Football Pools. If we detect that this activity, through investigation, has arisen, we reserve the right to remove the Bonus.

Together these constitute “Promotional Play Restrictions”.

13. If you breach (or we reasonable consider you breach) any Promotional Play Restrictions, we may at our sole discretion:

13.1. stop your participation in the Offer and any other promotional offer you may be participating in; and

13.2. reclaim any winnings we have paid you, and either settle bets at the correct odds, void any free bets or any bet funded by a bonus, or remove any subsequent winnings relating to a bonus.

14. If we elect to exercise our rights under clause 12 we will explain to you in writing the reason for our decision.

15. We shall also have the right at our sole discretion to charge an administration fee not exceeding the value of the Offer to cover our reasonable administrative costs in exercising our rights in respect of clause 12.


16. We may amend or cancel this Offer or amend these terms:

16.1. without notice if such amendment or cancellation is a result of any legal or regulatory change; or

16.2. for any other legitimate reason, by giving you notice in advance of the amendment or cancellation. We shall exercise our rights under this clause 16.2 where the circumstances are sufficiently serious to merit such amendment or cancellation. Without limiting the circumstances in which we may choose to exercise these rights, examples include situations in which there is a malfunction of the software or hardware used to deliver our website or any manifest error in the Offer and/or the terms of the Offer.

17. In addition to these terms and conditions, the use of our Website and your participation in any services we offer (including this Offer) is governed by our general terms and conditions. These can be found at (“General Terms”). Please ensure that you have read and understood the General Terms and these terms before opting-in to this Offer.

18. Where there is any discrepancy between these terms and the General Terms, these terms shall take precedence.

19. These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and you agree shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


20. Terms defined in our General Terms have the same meaning in these terms unless otherwise defined.